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Amba Foods is a proprietary business located at Simandhar City, Ahmedabad - Kalol Highway, Adalaj, Gandhinagar – 382421. Ambafoods.co.in is the official online store of Amba Foods. We are dedicated to providing the best service, high quality products and real time assistance.

Our journey started in 2005 as a proprietary business with a small range of food products due to limited production capacity at that time. Since then, we have diversified our product range, thanks to the blend of our expert team and technology. In 2012, we became a mature manufacturer of syrups, mouth fresheners, pickles, bakery and other food products.

Amba Foods is now a fraternity of 80+ people working relentlessly to provide the best quality of foods to our customers; experimenting and testing to create varieties of items with minimal or no artificial colors or synthetic essence. In 2016, we expanded further to a larger, more structured setup.


Our team is strongly grounded with our core values of quality and consistency and rooted to the idea of recreating flavors of home. Right from the quality of the raw materials sourced, to the consistency of the end product, we check every batch of our products before offering them to our customers. This enables us to produce products with uniform levels of batch-to-batch consistency, ensuring that you get the same high quality product.

We believe that natural goodness is the way to go for a healthy, balanced life. That's why everything that emerges – be it our masalas, instant mixes, bakery items or the many more varieties to come – is always pure and authentic.

We are committed to delivering high-quality, innovative, tasty and convenient products with goodness at its core. Overcoming challenges inspires us. With every accomplishment, we raise the bar and seek to challenge ourselves further. This has helped us to diversify our offerings and grow continuously.


Our vision is to make high quality foods with purity and sincerity so that our customers get the best foods for a healthy lifestyle.


Our mission is to establish Amba Foods as a recognized and respected brand producing mouth-watering foods with purity and integrity.

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