Water and Milk Sharbat

Cool Khus Sharbat

Rs 150

As the name shows it contains extract of pure khus (vetiver grass) known for its cooling properties, aromatic goodness, reduce thirst & acts as a great anti-oxidant.

Real Variyali Sharbat

Rs 120

The nectarous flavour of fennel seeds (Saunf) in every sip of this cooling and rejuvenating drink will leave you asking for more.

Royal Rose Sharbat

Rs 120

A royal choice for royal people from premium segmant of sharbat. Traditional rose flavoured syrup made of fresh rose pettals. The fragrance and flavour in every ounce of this sharbat will leave you wanting for more. This handcrafted and enticing concoction provides a cooling and rejuvenating effect.

Sahi Cool Sharbat

Rs 150

It primarily contains rose with little flavour of fennel seeds, khus and raisins which makes it Sahicool, A perfect blend to keep body cool during summers.

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