Water Sharbat

Kala Khatta Sharbat

Rs 110

The ‘kala khatta’ has forever been a mass favourite. It is a mixture of both sweet and tangy taste, does marvels in summers.

Kalidraksh Variyali Sharbat

Rs 180

Nothing beats kali draksh variyali drink come what may! Rich in vitamins A and E, improving digestion strength. Sip into this healthy spice nectar and get refreshed and rejuvenated instantly.

Lemon Sharbat

Rs 130

A staple at all family get-to-gathers or birthday parties, lemon drink is something our refrigerators are always stocked up with. The fragrance and flavour in every ounce of this drink will leave you wanting for more. You can taste the burst of lemony flavour with every sip.

Masala Soda Sharbat

Rs 110

It is a mixture of both sweet and sour taste and a perfect way to beat the summers. It adds zing to your speciality Drinks and Beverages.

Pineapple Sharbat

Rs 150

One of the world’s healthiest fruit, pineapple, can be used in a variety of national and international cuisines. Our Pineapple Sharbat is a great way of enjoying pineapple even when it is not in season. It’s a good source of healthy vitamins that come from pineapple pulps.

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